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 Marie  Rose Lalanne, commonly known as Mama Rose, is a Haitian Vodou priestess. She began practicing at the age of 17 and emigrated to United States from Haiti during the Duvalier regime. Marie began offering her services to locals from her home and eventually opened her first successful botanica. With over decades of  experience, Rose is highly regarded for her specialties in love, protection, business, money and cleanses. Occasionally she does court matters., especially child custody and divorces. In 2010, Mama Rose received national exposure after appearing with Tori Spelling in Tori & Dean on the Oxygen network.  Mama Rose still practices and remains a prominent spiritual leader within the religious practice of Haitian Vodou in America. 




I have been with Rose for about 3 years–my life has changed tremendously– I have improved in every area of my life –she truly cares and is very gifted. I had the lave tet cleansing and it works–I have had such amazing things happen all good and full of light and energy–I just reconnected with an old flame that is wonderful, my weight, health, energy, finances and she got rid of most of my enemies–am so very grateful for you Mama, thank you for caring and doing what you are so very good at, love ya always. 

-Satisfied Customer

Boston, MA 


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While I have been to other spiritual workers who I believe tried their best; Rose is simply is the best, being truly gifted and having written the book on it. In addition, her integrity truly sets herself apart in the field as she has told me several times I did not need work when she just as easily could have said I did. She is a truly kind and generous person who took time out on a weekend recently to help with a difficult ongoing case for me which brought him no personal gain. Her work resulted in an all out miracle with a man I have been in love with for two years. 


-Satisfied Customer

(Individual Results May Vary)


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Results Would Vary For Person to Person

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