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Terms of Use

These pages contain exclusive material for over 18 years. If you are a minor in your place of residence or if you think that this type of material can hurt your sensibility, please leave this page immediately. 


LEGALITIES According to current legislation provides that the predictions, psychic and spells are based on freedom of worship can only access it over 18 years. Papers are requested not replace proper medical care, legal, financial or psychological. So you agree that the spells will be subject to your own interpretation and use.


CLARIFICATION Voodoo is a religion that originated from the beliefs held by the people who were taken as slaves from West Africa, the contact of these beliefs with Catholicism own slaveholders and may be partially influenced by remnants of Celtic polytheism. It is a variant of a theistic animist, provided a strong magical. For its direct link with cosmology and Neolithic belief systems, their study is of great interest in the field of paleoanthropology. Voodoo is one of the oldest religions in the world, between polytheism and monotheism.




FREEDOM OF WORSHIP Freedom of religion or religious freedom is a fundamental right that relates to the choice of each individual to choose their religion, to choose no (irreligion), or not to believe or validate the existence of God (atheism and agnosticism ) and to carry on that belief publicly, without being a victim of oppression, discrimination, or attempt to change it. This concept goes beyond simply allowing religious tolerance, as a gracious concession, the exercise of religions other than official denominational situations own state of the Old Regime. In modern democracies generally the state guarantees religious freedom to all its citizens, but in practice the choice of the creed is usually given by family and social customs, often associating certain companies to certain religions. Besides situations of religious discrimination or religious intolerance are still very common in different parts of the world, recorded cases of intolerance, preference of one religion over others and persecution of certain faiths

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