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Jessica S.  (Florida, USA)
Two words to describe this man: MIRACLE WORKER. He was able to bring my ex back after two weeks of doing the spell. We were separated for 5 years so this was definitely voodoo in the works. 


Client Testimonials in the past year (constantly updated)   




Dominique E. (Yaounde, Cameroon)
Dr Guillaume a ma petite amie à moi dans deux jours. Il est très vrai!  


John B. (Texas, USA)
Wow!! Got offered a job a week after I did the money spell. Thank you!!! Ayi BOBO!
Porsha A. (Ontario, Canada)
I recommend this man to anyone who is trying to bare a child. The doctors believed that I would never be able to give birth. After Dr. Guillaume performed the pregancy spell for me, I was able to get pregnant only a month after with my boyfriend of 3 years. 
Mondiana. P (New Delhi, India)
Dr. Gillaume's luck spell got me a promotion at my job after 3 weeks. I am now the Director of Operations at the company with absolutely no degree. It is very difficult to acquire this position without having a college background. I know this was Dr. Gillaume's spell. Thank you Dr. Gillaume!!! 
Sebastien I. (Bogota, Colombia)
Hombre Milagrosa. Él trajo a mi esposa de nuevo a mí. :)) 
Lauvaughn J. (Toronto, Canada)
I opened a business in January of 2013. It was running very slow until I had did the success spell for the business. Its now December and the business has been up and running great since I did the spell! Thank you Doctor. 
Shantel J. (Ohio, USA)
I'm an aspiring dentist and I had Dr. Gillaume perform a custom spell for me to get into the dental school I wanted to go to. My GPA was below the average, but somehow I was able to get in. Will be starting in the winter. MUCHAS GRACIAS! 




















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